Body Treatments

Body TreatmentsMassage

Therapeutic Massage
30mins: $60 · 60mins: $100 · 90mins: $140
Will help to take the tension out of the body and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from back ache, neck ache, sciatica etc. Choose the pressure that suits, from relaxing to firm/deep tissue.

Aromatherapy Massage
30mins: $70 · 60mins: $110 · 90mins: $150
Dry skin brushing removes dead skin cells in preparation for the aromatherapy oils used during the therapeutic massage.

Hot Stone Massage
30mins: $70 · 60mins: $110 · 90mins: $150

A relaxation massage that utilises the heat from the hot stones to ease tension and increase circulation.

Salt Glow
30mins: $70 · 60mins: $110 · 90mins: $150

Coarse sea salts from the Dead Sea are used to exfoliate the skin. The body is also lightly massaged and hot rocks are placed on the back to add to the relaxing effect of this treatment. A nourishing body cream is applied leaving the skin velvety smooth.

Massage/Hot Stone Massage/Salt Glow 30 min: $75 l 60 min: $115 l 90 min: $165
Includes a combination of all three treatments.

3 hour package $330
90 min massage, hot stone massage and salt glow/mini facial/hand and foot pamper treatment with cinnamon scrub and mask/eye contour treatment with chilled porcelain spoons.

Half day package 4.5 hours: $480
1 hour massage of choice, Hanikasumi Japanese body ritual with enzymatic body exfoliation and foot reflex treatment, 1 hour facial, hand and foot pamper treatment with cinnamon scrub, and mask/eye contour treatment with chilled porcelain spoons.

Full day package: $465 pp
Special for group of 4 only Details

Mud Wrap 75 mins: $140
Exfoliate detoxify and nourish your body with a purifying Dead Sea mud wrap rich in over 40 different minerals. A full body exfoliation with Dead Sea salts ensures maximum therapeutic benefit from the mud which is applied to the whole body. The body is then cocooned in warm towels. Enjoy a head and foot massage whilst the Dead Sea mud goes to work drawing toxins from the body. After half an hour the mud is showered off and a nourishing moisturiser is applied.

Avocado & Shea Nut Butter Wrap
(seasonal) 75 mins: $140
Perfect for sufferers of dry skin or during the winter months when the cold dry air causes dry flaky skin. A full body exfoliation using salts from the Dead Sea prepares the skin. 100% pure shea nut butter and fresh avocado is applied liberally to the whole body. Relax with a head and foot massage whilst lying cocooned in warm towels. Rich in natural fats and vitamins A, C, D and E to help restore the skin’s suppleness and improve its appearance.

Hanakasumi  75 mins: $140
Enzymatic body exfoliation and cherry blossom massage ritual
A new relaxing and nourishing body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. The body is exfoliated with a cherry blossom rice powder gommage containing lactic and citric acid to loosen dead skin cells, enzymatic complex of papaya and cherry tree flower containing powerful antioxidants and renowned for its soothing properties. Enjoy a body massage with warm shea nut butter with Asian essences, finishing with an intensive foot reflex treatment and hot towel compress.